vTiger 6.5 image upload problem

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We give full credit to this website and to her friend who were able to solve this long issue.


The VTiger Uploading Documents Problem

There were a lot of solutions and attempts posted around but here is the best so far that actually work for 6.4 and 6.5.0 versions.  These files hopes to solve uploading of your image files.

Here are some links to the ongoing discussions around the document upload, “white page” issue:

Free vTiger 6.5 download edited version with bug fixed.


  • CRMEntity.php  – Commented the line no 167 to 171 in CRMEntity.php file.
  • Download and replace files with the ff:
    Location: root/vtlib/Vtiger/Function file
    Location: root/data/CRMEntity file
    Location: root/modules/Settings/Vtiger/actions/companydetailssave file
    Location: root/include/utils/vtlibutils file

Download zip file and upload individually to their respective location