Social Media Impact in Small Businesses

If your reading this, then chances are you work for a company with an online profile.

Almost every company in the uk established for longer than a year has some kind of online profile. For some it may be very small, they appear on or in some business directories. For others it may be more extensive, they may have a dedicated website manned by a number of staff and programmers and people pepicated to handle social media queries.

In November I was asked to submit our entry into a couple of categories for the Docklands Business Club and East London Chamber of Commerce 2015 Business Awards. The award that seemed most suited to us was one for business person of the year, the reason for this was because we have a member of the team who has consistently bettered themselves over a number of years and we noted the progression as commendable and worthy of some attention. The other category was for Digital Impact.

We missed out on the business person of the year consideration but when I started to put together a profile for our eligibility into the digital impact category (for which we are confirmed finalists), I realised that we could be contenders. In fact by the time I had completed the necesary paperwork to enter the event I was sure we could win it.

We had a good online ordering facility on the website which was user friendly and engaging, we had even started to update our blog 1-2 times per week. I noticed that as a company we used technology as a tool to complete our tasks on a day to day basis. Most importantly I found that some of our best work was being conducted on social media channels.

On social media, we engage with our customers, prospective clients, the public and our employees. We have the chance to create ‘Digital Relationships’ with the people we know. We can showcase the lesser known product ranges and services that many of our existing customer base might not even know about. We can interact with our clients in a new way.

Beacuse of the nature of social media, all of this can be done for free, and everything is user friendly. A business can create an online identity within a few hours on all of the main social media sites and start to promote their products immediately. They can also create a blog for free and interact with their customer base in a new way by detailing their endeavours and interacting in a new and positive light.

Networking events can be set up for free on eventbrite to try and get together with like minded businesses and prospective clients. Free logo and social media banner creation wesites are just a google search away. Now a company can create a total identity in a short period of time and have the ability to look professional right from the get go. Below is a link to our networking event to be held on 3rd February, we will be discussing what can be done to win business in the local authourity of tower hamlets and would love to see other local businesses there too.



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