About Open Axcss

We’re in the business of hosting great ideas.

We can tell you that we’re a performance based digital media agency, but that’s not what separates us from the herd – it’s not what makes us unique. We’ve combined the strengths of an independent agency with the muscles of a group. Think of Open Axcss as a collection of specialist agencies, working together to provide integrated services that help brands grow.

Our people are some of the best in the business, and most are in app development, social streaming, designing and resource planning.

We have partnered with several agencies and associations to ensure creative, strategic, and technology bases are covered in everything we do.

We are strategic, always striving to deliver optimal results for our clients. We are analytical, squeezing every insight we can from lots of data sources and using those to make better decisions. We are creative, always brainstorming fresh new ideas for campaigns. We are bold, not afraid to take a few risks and reap some big rewards.

What’s Our Story?

We are in the business of creating coolest and awesome websites on the planet. We see to it that it is practically effective and functional website that drives result for businesses. Nowadays, websites should not only look great but also inspire, motivate and engage visitors to take action such as sending inquiries to your services or making a purchase.

We’ve been also setting fire of innovations to different businesses such as employing Customer Relationship Management, ERP solutions to SMEs, Digital marketing and other application development that our customers and partners needs us the most.

Our mission are to provide pro-innovative concepts that will jumpstart your business through  functional websites backed by variety of cloud-based business solutions to fully maximize your business services on the net.

At OSI we do not believe in charging clients based on the house they’re living in, or their office size, but rather based on delivering TRUE value. This is the key reason our customers have been coming back to us over and over again. We are the good guys and as you know from many movies by now, good guys wins .. eventually.. 🙂

Why choose Open Axcss?

We Listen

We take the time to fully understand your business and objectives. With Over 300 websites for 8  years..we’re not bragging about it

We Advise

We strive to create value add-ons to your business. We can help you

Turning Ideas into Reality

We pride ourselves on achieving results in all projects and campaigns for our clients. We are creative and persistently creative

We Make IT Happen

We have the Will to execute and see  to it that it gets the job done

We Build on Success

Continuously improve, strategize and innovate